Monday, August 23, 2010

With the full band at The Alternative Cafe

Playing as a duo is awesome, but we also happen to be lucky enough to know two lads who are stellar musicians and who also love playing with us! Henry Misner (yes, he is related to Sam) and Rob Bayne who also have their own musical project called TOBA joined us for a show at The Alternative Cafe in Seaside, CA this past July. We all had a blast playing together and got some very good live recordings out of the gig as well. Take a listen to what we got that night. What do you all think about a possible live EP with the full band. Let us know what you think and be sure to check out TOBA, you won't regret it.
WATCH VIDEO: 'Compose' with the full band
WATCH VIDEO: 'Seven Hour Storm' with the full band

CD RELEASE-Misner & Smith: Live At The Freight & Salvage

We're back out on the road promoting our latest CD just released this month, Misner & Smith: Live At The Freight & Salvage! This one is very special folks, recorded live at Berkeley, California's famed Freight & Salvage Coffeehouse this new CD captures us at our best. Those of you who have seen us live know that we are most comfortable sharing our music face to face. We had an excellent audience of about 200 people the night this was recorded and when you listen to the album you can feel the energy of that wonderful night bursting out of the stereo! We are proud to offer this CD hot-off-the-presses at our live shows and it will soon be available at CdBaby and iTunes. Thanks to all of our family, friends, and fans who made this recording possible.