Tuesday, May 3, 2011

UK TOUR with British duo Breeze & Wilson

So here we are! We made it over the pond to the old country and we're resting up for a few days with the Beswicks (Megan's Mum's family) before we set out for the midlands and our first three shows on our first UK tour!
Five years ago we traveled to England and met Breeze & Wilson at a meeting of the Real Music Club run by Neal Dalton. We've kept in touch since then hoping that we would one day be able to meet up again and share some shows together.
Back to present day, we are now back in England for the next two weeks and Breeze & Wilson have been kind enough to organize seven shows for us to play with them during our time here. We will play two House Concerts and the rest of the shows are to be held a Village Halls around the Midlands area. This is our first tour out of the U.S. as Misner & Smith and we couldn't be more excited about being here. No doubt there will be plenty of adventures to be had and stories to tell upon our return.
Check back here on our blog for more entries about how the shows are going and what's happening on this tour. Thanks for tuning in! To watch a video of our performance on the Santa Rosa radio station KSRO click HERE.

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